Z Kunming do Yangshuo – zdjęcia. Dziś kończę 29

wertepy na drodze wyjazdowej z Kunming

Kunming Suburbs – Road under construciton, trying to negotiate unmarked dusty paths to find Shillin Highway

tunel w którym prawkie sko?czy?a się nam benzynka

Leaving Kunming – Very low on petrol (Ians fault), New highway roads go through mountains instead of snaking up and over them. Only problem is that once your on a highway its not so easy to leave them, they pass straight through small towns and bypass much needed fuel vendors.

spo?ywanie wódki pod plandek?, zaraz potem ruszymy w poszukiwaniu drogi – niestety zgubimy się na ?adnych par? godzin, klucz?c po wiejskich drogach w deszczu

Lost on (Questionable) Road to Xingyi – The rainy season finally caught up with us, so far we had been lucky. Pitched a makeshift tent in the middle of nowhere waiting for the storm to pass finishing off the last of the Vodka. Barts inpatientce and optimism got the better of him and decided to brave the weather confident a town was only a few kilometers away.

psy mechanika

Engine Trouble – A small town we passed through off of the unfinished highway we endured. Stopped to grease the chain as there was an unnerving rattling sound coming from the engine. Ian was attacked by a pack of vicious wild dogs whilst Bart looked on and took photos.

za rok w tym miejscu b?dzie przepi?kna autostrada – par? dni temu 120 km tej drogi przejechali?my w 8 godzin

120km of Hell – Section of the 120km oif unfinished highway from Shilin to Xingyi. Nb. This was a relatively good section of the road.

Superstar Lunch – Stopped in Xingyi for lunch of beef and noodle soup. Our presence attracted the attention of everyone within a half mile radius. Eupohric after finally conquering the 120km of hell, we both lapped up the attention.

Sarahs turn for special treatment – For miraculously completing the epic 18 Hour journey across rocks and dirt without failing us we saw to it that Sarah recieved a little TLC – a full body jet wash.

We wondered what that noise was! – This family ran garage ascertained that the engine rattle was the kickstart being engaged. Tuned her up, replaced the bungee cords we lost in the rain, re-mounted the seat and gave her a full service. Ready to hit the raod again

Bliss – Beautiful roads, fixed machine smooth running all the way to Baise to look for a place to eat

Two Westeners on a Tuk Tuk draws quite a crowd – Market sellers in Baise onlook and inspect Sarah as we buy camping provisions of a watermelon, a bottle of vodka, and a kilo of sunflower seeds

Lunch anybody? – Turning point as this butchers direct us to the “short cut” local road through a mountain pass to the next town. As the road was bad, the scenery was awesome. Stopped to shower in a custom made waterfall, but the road took its toll on Sarah.

Buggered – The dust from the bad road clogged up the air filter and the engine repeatedly died. The spark plug also turned out to be buggered. This was immensly irritating as the road was superb, but we couldn’t take advantage of it. Everything happens for a reason though as whilst seeing to Sarah the heavens opened and turned the road into a torrent. We wisely decided to spend the night.

Dodgy Dumplings – A great chef prepared us 3 rounds of dumplings and chicken broth soup, beers flowed and vodka followed, though I paid the following morning.

Po drodze znalezlismy glowe która doskonale wpasowala się w tuktuka – teraz Sarah ma w końcu swoje ludzkie oblicze

Sarah Ponderosa – The Mighty One gets a Face

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